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OpenBH Features and concept

OpenBH is a fully featured out of the box web site generator to help people make money online for free with an integrated content scraping system, including a hook system with the ability to import data feeds and place ads on the pages.

There are several professionally created templates in OpenBH which have been pre SEO-ed by a world famous top SEO specialist and a simple installer to allow you to get your site up and running in several minutes.

Not only is there templates and automatic content generation but you also get on theme keyword lists and there are highly converting products to sell already built in.

This is unlike any other free or even paid product for making money online and is much more comprehensive with almost everything you need to get started.

The development of OpenBH is by Neek, Dr Scneipp and Earl from the now world famous

The main long term goal of OpenBH is a fully scalable site generation system with a web control panel for mass deployment , affiliate stats, hosting uptime tracking and traffic management modules all under one roof.

Project to help make money online

Preview OF planned Features

OpenBH is the first of many Free and Open Source projects by in paralell with the I8F Herbal Affiliate Network owned by Syndk8 to help people make money online..

We have started by releasing an Alpha test version 1.0 which is available for download, so people can setup a demo/dev site and become familiar with the code base.

The system is just for you to learn so you can help by contributing to the project to it better for everyone.

We need people to make templates and work on the core of the code base before we start building sites en-masse so the project gets the best start.

This could be your chance to get involved in what could become a revolution of site building which will go down in internet history.

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get involved in the roadmap and plan

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